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Would you like to keep an eye on your NAGA Coin investments, stay informed about our latest updates, get price analysis, and have all of this info accessible from one platform? Well, NAGA Coin is now listed on the crypto investment portfolio management App, Delta Direct, which we highly recommend for present & potential NAGA Coin investors.

Why should NAGA Coin holders & traders use Delta Direct?



You want to be better informed about NGC’s latest news which is regularly posted on our webpage, social media channels, and blogs, and wish to have all the links available in one place. On Delta Direct you can access the desired page with one click, no need to spend time searching. You can learn about our project by reading the whitepaper, check out our Medium blog page, Facebook, Twitter, and other useful sources. Moreover, by enabling the push notification, you will be alerted each time an NGC update is posted.




Let’s consider you trade NGC on several exchanges and want to efficiently keep track of your investments. Instead of having to memorize all the amounts & orders to calculate the results, you can now use an easily-manageable App where you can synchronize all of your executed transactions and receive an all-time overview of your profit/loss.





On Delta Direct you can choose to follow either the global performance of NGC or a particular exchange where NGC is listed, and check the latest trend chart and make investment decisions based on it.



All the above and many other functionalities are very easy to manage on Delta Direct. If you are planning to invest in NGCs or are already our client, we invite you to try out the Delta Direct App and draw your own conclusions.


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If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our staff.

1055095-512.png Did you know?

With the NAGA Coin, NAGA aims to establish the world’s first crypto-gateway to trade stocks, CFDs, ETFs, and any other sort of financial instruments and virtual goods on a global scale in a secure and transparent way with NAGA Markets and NAGA Trader. NAGA shall become the trading platform for any financial or virtual product of the future. It’s time for you to be able to buy any stock or game item with your NAGA Coins or other cryptocurrencies, let a personalized and unique robo-advisor, called CYBO, invest for you, and build your financial wealth with full transparency and efficiency with low or no transaction costs.
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