Have you checked out the exciting NAGA Trader updates?


Adaptability is the key to success, making us resilient to changes in our fast-paced world. For NAGA Trader, your wishes are important and we work on implementing them, making your trading experience easier, faster and even more socially engaging.

Our recent improvements concern your active trades with a new detailed overview, including charts, as well as a social feature allowing you to comment on the highlighted news. Your Active Trade section now has a modern interface gathering important information which you can access with just one click. We encourage you to share your opinion and to interact with your fellow traders about our specially selected news.



Once you click on the “My Trades” tab in your NAGA webTrader, you will find a new dynamic interface giving you the option to choose between List View or Detailed View.

  • The List View will give you simplicity and the ability to check all that you need in a faster way: the source of the trade, the deposit amount, the number of units, the opening & current prices, the take profit & stop loss limits,the profit & loss and the return on investment indicators.

  • If you would like to keep everything on track, the Detailed View with its charts is made for you. Along with the trade-related information you will have real-time data from charts, indicating the price of the instrument at a specific date and time frame. This will give you a fuller and more comprehensive perspective of your trade, should you keep it open or is it time to exit the order?



You decide how you would like to follow your active trades, hence which view suits you the most. The best part of this? You can easily switch between modes according to your current needs.



Last but not least, we prepare news for you on regular basis, which is highlighted in the feed section and is specifically designed to help you with your trading decisions. From now on, you can comment on the news, give your opinion and discuss with your fellow traders which trading strategy you think will work the best.



With these new product updates, we are providing you with the most informative and easily manageable interface, offering you an outstanding trading experience that allows you to do more in less time. Secondly, we aim to offer you more opportunities to express yourself, share your trading insights, and engage even more actively with the NAGA Trader community.

If you have not used the feed section of your NAGA Trader yet, check our article about how you can manage it and continue to get actively involved in the NAGA Trader community!

Stay tuned for upcoming news!



If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our staff.

1055095-512.png Did you know?

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