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Our latest Q&A with Ben was one of the most exciting so far. The highlights of this latest Q&A were definitely news and updates relating to NAGA CARD, NAGA EXCHANGE, and NAGA WALLET.

In the summary below we’ll give you the hot takes from the Q&A but please don’t forget that you can always check out the full version on the NAGA COIN YouTube channel for yourself.







Ben first addressed the fact that a number of media outlets have been trying to attack NAGA simply in order to raise their own profile. The reality of the company is a long way removed from that which some “fake news” would like to portray. Ben asked viewers to remember that NAGA is actually still only a very young company, just two and a half years old. In that short time, great things have been achieved, huge developments have been made, and the company has successfully completed both an IPO and an ICO. The mood within the company reflects the true reality of the progress we have been making and the entire NAGA team knows that we are on the right track.




Perhaps the most awaited announcement for the community was the news that the NAGA CARD will be launched mid September 2018. 

The card will feature EUR/USD/GBP as currency options and will give users an IBAN that will allow you to get paid into your account. 

The card will have a purchase fee of $40 that can be paid in crypto, fiat, or NGC.

Limits of over 100K per year.

NAGA CARD will be linked to a user’s NAGA TRADER account.




As everybody likes new things, the updates on NAGA EXCHANGE were also a pretty big deal in this Q&A. Ben even shared his screen towards the end of the session to show viewers exactly how NAGA EXCHANGE will look once it goes live. 

For Ben, NAGA EXCHANGE is the final missing piece in the NAGA Ecosystem. It features very clean design and gives users the ability to trade real stocks, cryptocurrencies, and gaming items. We are merging 3 markets into a single one, allowing trading to take place across all 3 markets via one exchange.

Fees will be some of the lowest in the industry.

Unlimited deposits and withdrawals.

Crypto-to-crypto users will not need to complete KYC.




Ben was joined on this Q&A by Aleksei Agarkov, the main man behind the NAGA WALLET

The big update on NAGA WALLET was the news that USDT is in the testing stage and should be incorporated live into the wallet by the end of the week.

The buying of NGC with credit/debit cards was suspended because of a number of attempted scams. This feature will be reinstated once these issues have been resolved.

There are plans to introduce an iOS version of WALLET soon.

We are doing our best to improve customer service, particularly chat, but there are a number of other channels where support is comprehensive, either via Telegram, email or even over the phone.




Big news is the addition of a counter strike game item to NAGA VIRTUAL. This makes NAGA TRADER the first platform to allow the trading of crypto and in-game items. Crypto, finance, and gaming all in one place. 

A new reward system is about to be introduced to make sure that NGC traders receive the best conditions.

We are working hard to make sure spreads are as low as they can be on NAGA TRADER.

CYBO for NGC trading accounts will be live in the next couple of weeks.




The huge marketing campaign is picking up a lot of speed behind the scenes, with a dedicated team led by Yasin Qureshi. There are some really exciting things that will come out of this. We already have the partnership with HSV, one of Germany’s most popular football clubs, active, and there will be NAGA TV ads and a lot of other media promotions on the way. Things will really get started in September.

In conjunction with the INO, the tech side of the NAGA team is working really hard to make sure all bugs are eradicated in time for the huge marketing push.

As you can see from the summary, there were many things covered in this Q&A, with a lot of other interesting stuff not even recapped here. To get all of the news please check out the video for yourself.

Ben ended this Q&A by reemphasizing how very confident and happy we all are with the path that NAGA is currently following. We’re here to stay. We love constructive criticism and we never hide.

The future is yours. The future is NAGA.




If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our staff.

1055095-512.png    Did you know? 

With the NAGA Coin, NAGA aims to establish the world’s first crypto-gateway to trade stocks, CFDs, ETFs, and any other sort of financial instruments and virtual goods on a global scale in a secure and transparent way with NAGA Markets and NAGA Trader. NAGA shall become the trading platform for any financial or virtual product of the future. It’s time for you to be able to buy any stock or game item with your NAGA Coins or other cryptocurrencies, let a personalized and unique robo-advisor, called CYBO, invest for you, and build your financial wealth with full transparency and efficiency with low or no transaction costs.
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