NAGA Virtual Q&A with André Rupp



NAGA Virtual's André Rupp revealed a load of huge updates in today’s Q&A Session (Thursday). This is really exciting! See the live stream and check out the summary below.

Live Stream



Link to Q&A: NAGA Q&A




During the course of his introduction, André explained that he will be talking about the past, the current situation and the future of NAGA Virtual. Some important topics are rebranding, integrations and improvements.

André notes that NAGA VIRTUAL has made amazing progress over the past 2 months, especially in terms of rebranding and website improvements. He mentioned that the team was really thankful for all the received feedback so far, especially during the course of the open beta period.





André was very happy to finally announce the brand-new UI for the NAGA VIRTUAL website! He noted that the team did a tremendous job over the course of the past 2 months. NAGA VIRTUAL is now displayed in the NAGA colours (red/black). He mentioned that the rebranding took some time but is now finally completely done.




André said, integrations will not take longer than 1 day!

NAGA VIRTUAL is the first open, legal and independent platform, which manages to connect external games to its system. André notes that this was never done before. Another important point which André mentioned: Future integrations of games will be integrateable within 24hrs!

André shares another exciting fact: Since Petit Chronicles is focused on the Japanese market, he was looking for additional English games and found a variety of options. Not only in terms of mobile games, but also desktop games. Another game from Asobimo, for example, is slated to be added to NAGA VIRTUAL soon.




What about new partnerships?

Another important thing which is always asked is regarding potential new partnerships. André noted that NAGA VIRTUAL is completely open to integrating with every publisher. NAGA VIRTUAL is offering great and easy possibilites to provide publishers with a quick start.

Due to privacy agreements, André was not able to name any specific future partners, though he mentioned that he is in talks with publishers from over-seas (America), Europa and Asia.




André talks about NGC integration

André mentioned that he is aware of the importance of the NGC integration. He said it will probably not happen within the next 4 weeks, but it will definitely be live before the Initial NAGA Offering (marketing) starts. The team is currently completely focussed on overall-product improvements, the quality of its services and integrations. NGC will be integrated at the latest in August.




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