NAGA Founder & Executive Director Benjamin Bilski revealed a load of huge updates in today’s Q&A Session (Friday, 6PM CEST). This is really exciting! See the live stream and check out the summary below.

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Link to Q&A: NAGA Q&A




Ben started this week's Q&A with some minor audio and video issues. While fixing his audio/video, he mentioned that he is also very unsatisfied with the current price and he thinks that NAGA is undervalued with its 13 products. Some of which are soon to be launched.

It was announced that there were big meetings with members of the board and investors over the past 2 days. Ben highlighted that NAGA's ecosystem is making amazing progress and NAGA is in a very positive cash position with its healthy business. He also mentioned that NAGA is currently highly active in hiring new employees and growing its business.



Updates on NAGA TRADER

Ben was very happy to finally announce the brand-new UI for the NAGA WEB TRADER! He mentioned that the team did a tremendous job over the course of the past 3 months. According to Ben, NAGA TRADER has a specific partnership with Trading View, which allows NAGA to display well-optimised charts and views. 

After giving a quick show-around, he highlighted that the focus was set on flawless trading and on-boarding. Ben mentioned that the current, already LIVE version, does feature 2 basic social features apart from every well-updated trading feature: Leaderboard & Autocopy. During the course of his presentation, Ben mentioned that within 6 weeks, the NAGA team will add all social features (Own Profile, Facebook, Like Feed with Ad Manager, CYBO, Radar, Chats, and much more)

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback!



Exciting News about the NAGA EXCHANGE

Ben is sure that this news will be huge for the entire community! 

It was announced that the NAGA EXCHANGE is way ahead of schedule - again! Ben mentioned that the current beta-like version is already working and has outstanding features which will separate NAGA from the rest of the exchange-crowd!

During the course of the presentation, Ben explained that the NAGA EXCHANGE will allow Fiat in and out, which makes investing into crypto-exchanges way easier. Additionally, NAGA will allow unlimited deposits and withdrawals. On top of that, the regulated NAGA EXCHANGE is accepting Credit Cards, Bank Wires and general Crypto Fundings. 

The NAGA EXCHANGE will start with BTC, ETH, USDT, BCH, LTC and NGC markest and it is putting high focus on security and user experience.

Ben: "We come from a regulated environment - no one knows better than us how to manage clients in a "correct" and sustainable way".



Updates on the NAGA CARD

After some delays in the NAGA CARD process, Ben was delighted to announce that we are in the very final steps of shipping the NAGA CARD. Expected shipping date falls within the next 14 days! 

Ben also mentioned that the NAGA CARD won't be a general Crypto card as you know it. The NAGA CARD will feature its own fully real IBAN account! Which means that you can receive and manage your salary from within NAGA. 

The NAGA CARD will start with EU + 8 countries. Coming to the last very important point: The NAGA CARD is going to be fully integrated with the upcoming NAGA EXCHANGE!



Ben mentioned news and updates for NAGA VIRTUAL

Ben announced that the rebranding of NAGA VIRTUAL is completely done and the team is happy with the results. Additionally, the integration of Asobimo is live and working well. 

More, new big partnerships are on the way! Stay tuned for the upcoming NAGA VIRTUAL Q&A.



BREAKING NEWS: Ben announced the final date for the marketing campaigns!

During the course of the Q&A, Ben announced the final date for the greatly awaited marketing efforts. He said NAGA will start massive marketing efforts at the beginning of September!

The community can expect big bonus campaigns and NAGA will become known all over the world!

Stay tuned for further updates!




Ben announced that we will be adding NAGA STOCK TRADING to NAGA's services

Ben was happy to announce that NAGA has now added NAGA STOCK TRADING to its services. You can start from within the NAGA MEMBER AREA and trade real stocks. You will be able to use an extra account for this service and it will soon merge with NAGA TRADER.

And the best bit: You can actually buy NAGA SHARES ;)




If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our staff.

1055095-512.png    Did you know? 

With the NAGA Coin, NAGA aims to establish the world’s first crypto-gateway to trade stocks, CFDs, ETFs, and any other sort of financial instruments and virtual goods on a global scale in a secure and transparent way with NAGA Markets and NAGA Trader. NAGA shall become the trading platform for any financial or virtual product of the future. It’s time for you to be able to buy any stock or game item with your NAGA Coins or other cryptocurrencies, let a personalized and unique robo-advisor, called CYBO, invest for you, and build your financial wealth with full transparency and efficiency with low or no transaction costs.
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