Please Note: Cobinhood is a digital asset exchange that is independent of NAGA. NAGA does not advocate Cobinhood, nor does NAGA make any representations or guarantees with respect to Cobinhood’s services. NAGA recommends that you always conduct your own research and use personal decision-making when making investment decisions with any third party. The detailed guide below is provided by NAGA and should be used solely for informative purposes. Be aware that the UI/UX provided by Cobinhood in the guide below, could change and NAGA cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the provided instructions.



To purchase NGC you will first need to open and verify your Cobinhood account. When the account verification is successfully completed, you will be able to deposit funds and purchase NGC.



To open a Cobinhood account, visit: (A thorough guide on how to create a Cobinhood account can be viewed in Cobinhood’s Support Centre article -
Provide your registration credentials, and verify your account through a link that will be sent in a verifying letter to the email address you have provided.


Use the registered credentials to login to your newly created Cobinhood account:


For additional security, enabling two-factor authentication is recommended:



A detailed guide on how to verify your account is provided by Cobinhood, and can be accessed through the following link:
Please note that an advantage of the Cobinhood exchange is that the KYC process is optional, and not required for minimal cryptocurrency deposit or withdrawal. Once you register for the first time, your account will be given Level 1 permission, which allows for a no-limit cryptocurrency deposit, as well as a 3 BTC withdrawal limit.




To deposit tokens, visit:
Select Bitcoin or Ethereum and press Deposit on the right of the cryptocurrency. Copy your provided deposit address, and use it for depositing your chosen tokens via a preferred cryptocurrency wallet. If you're using a mobile wallet, you can also scan the provided QR code through the wallet app.



To check your deposit transaction, select History on the right of the Deposit/Withdraw section in the Funds menu. You can track your deposit through the Transaction Hash that is listed on the right of your transaction. Once your funds have been credited to your Cobinhood balance, you will receive a notifying letter to the email address which you used to register on the Cobinhood exchange. You can check your account balance here:


Now you are ready to purchase NGC.



To begin your NGC purchase, select the Exchange menu on the top left corner of the screen. Under the Select Product section, type in "NGC" and choose the pair (NGC/ETH or NGC/BTC).


You will be redirected to the desired pair trading page.
Go to the Order Form section and select the desired Order Type - Market, Limit, Stop, Stop-Limit. Enter the amount of NGC you want to buy, and set the price you'd like to buy NGC at. A live exchange will provide a total amount of the required currency you will spend for your NGC purchase.



Press the "Buy" button.



To check your updated NGC balance on your Cobinhood account, return to the Funds section and find the updated balance under the NGC listing. As a confirmation of your purchase, you will receive a notifying letter to the email address which you used to register with on the Cobinhood exchange.




In order to transfer NGC Tokens from Cobinhood to NAGA WALLET you need to have accounts on both platforms. Watch the video and read an article on how to buy NGC tokens on Cobinhood here. 


Copy the address and login to your Cobinhood account.
Go to your Funds section and press Withdraw next to the NGC token listing.

howtongc_cobin_funds_ngc_withdraw_focus.png Register your Withdraw Address by pressing Set next to it. Select the Token name, Address Name, as well as paste your copied ERC20 token address from your NAGA WALLET account. Press Add once it is complete. You will receive a confirmation email to the registered address you used to verify the deposit address.


Fill in your 6-digit Authentication Code and press the Withdraw button.
Then, check your current Balance after the transaction gets confirmed via blockchain in your NAGA WALLET. (waiting time depends on the load of the blockchain that confirms the transaction)
On the Cobinhood platform you can also track your withdrawal transaction by pressing History on the right of the Deposit/Withdraw section, in the Funds menu. You can track your withdrawal through the Transaction Hash that is listed on the right of your transaction. Once your funds have been credited to your NAGA WALLET balance, you will receive a notifying letter from the NAGA WALLET Service to the email address which you used to register with NAGA WALLET. You can check your account balance here:




If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our staff.

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