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The NAGA Group AG is a German holding of technology companies which was founded in 2015 and is listed on the German Stock Exchange. Over the last 2 years, NAGA has raised over $15m in capital from various prestigious investors, such as one of Europe’s oldest banks Hauck & Aufhaeuser (founded 1796) and from China’s largest private investment conglomerate FOSUN. NAGA also performed the fastest German IPO within the last 15 years.

As per Q4 2017, the company employs more than 120 people and operates in the capital markets and gaming domain.



NAGA identified three major problems of the financial service sector:

Firstly, it is still inaccessible for over 2 billion people and heavily complex.

Secondly, there are no one-stop solutions where users can securely and reliably store their data and have a complete product offering for trading.

Thirdly, cost structures in these sectors are non-transparent and disadvantageous to the user.

NAGA's mission is to open up the world of trading financial and virtual goods to everyone.



NAGA specializes in the development of cutting-edge technology for capital markets and gaming. The company operates and owns an EU-licensed brokerage company, one of the fastest growing social networks for trading (NAGA TRADER ) with millions of EUR in realized revenues, and a virtual goods exchange (NAGA VIRTUAL), which is backed by one of the world’s largest stock exchanges as a Joint Venture partner.

NAGA’s technology expertise ranges from financial markets, robo-advisory, and algo-trading to gaming and blockchain technology.

Given the fact that the financial service sector is still inaccessible (it still unnecessarily requires banks) for over 2 billion people, heavily complex with non-transparent cost structures, and that there is no central solution to these problems, NAGA’s mission is to open up the world of trading financial and virtual goods to everyone in one unified platform.

After building up a team of 120 dedicated and motivated people, spending tens of millions of EUR on licenses and technology, as well as establishing a business that has hundreds of thousands of clients, millions of EUR in revenues, and billions of EUR in trading volume, NAGA formulated the credo “Power to the people”.



The NAGA WALLET aims to bridge NAGA’s two major projects and enable an ecosystem for the social trading of cryptocurrencies, virtual goods and stocks.

The concept of enabling gamers to turn their passion into a wealth generating hobby has been a dream come true for many millennials, and Naga’s goal is to make this a reality.

With this in mind, the digital NAGA ecosystem, powered by the NGC, will give everyone the ability to convert any currency to crypto-currencies, along with access to stocks or virtual in-game goods across various platforms. It will allow everyone to trade at a transparent cost structure and receive cashback and bonuses through a sophisticated token economy framework.

Ultimately the NAGA WALLET will serve as a one-stop shop solution that ensures that users’ currency is stored on a secure and reliable platform.



On the 10th of July 2017, NAGA AG was listed at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with an issuing price of €2.60 per stock. Just 3 months later, the stock price was trading over 400% above the issue price and has become one of the most successful and most traded retail stocks in Germany. 

Against all concerns that were raised before the fastest IPO of the past 15 years in Germany, NAGA won over the entire German Stock market and generated a 400% return on its share price for all early contributors. In its first week after the IPO, it was Germany’s most traded retail stock – more than Apple or Tesla.



 As a logical next step, NAGA has introduced a decentralized unit of account on its platforms – The NAGA COIN (NGC). The NAGA COIN unites all platforms in the NAGA Ecosystem through its own wallet service called The NAGA WALLET.

Given NAGA’s partner’s NDAL mission statement to democratize the world of trading and the big momentum around blockchain, NAGA created, with the NAGA COIN, another opportunity for the NAGA community to play a key role in these exciting times. 



If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our staff.

1055095-512.png    Did you know? 

With the NAGA Coin, NAGA aims to establish the world’s first crypto-gateway to trade stocks, CFDs, ETFs, and any other sort of financial instruments and virtual goods on a global scale in a secure and transparent way with NAGA Markets and NAGA Trader. NAGA shall become the trading platform for any financial or virtual product of the future. It’s time for you to be able to buy any stock or game item with your NAGA Coins or other cryptocurrencies, let a personalized and unique robo-advisor, called CYBO, invest for you, and build your financial wealth with full transparency and efficiency with low or no transaction costs.
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