Medium: NGC is going live as a funding method on NAGA TRADER very soon.



More great news for the NAGA Community, the NAGA Coin is about to go live as a funding method soon on NAGA’s social trading platform, NAGA TRADER. This is the first big step in the process that will see the NAGA Coin become the base currency on NAGA TRADER.


This will be a big milestone on our journey towards making the NAGA Coin the centre point from which all of the NAGA Ecosystem flows, and we will have more very exciting developments coming soon.


If you don’t already have a NAGA TRADER account, don’t worry, all NAGA Coin accounts are fully compatible with NAGA TRADER and you can simply log-in to our social trading platform using your existing user name and password.

The NAGA TRADER team is looking forward to welcoming you with an amazing set of unique features, including our robo-advisor, CYBO, and the auto copy feature which allows you to profit from the performance of the most successful traders on the platform.


If you don’t have an account yet, start trading today and sign up now!

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