Medium: The NAGA Wallet is here!


The NAGA Wallet is here!

NAGA announces the launch of the NAGA WALLET; a multi-currency payment gateway which allows its users to operate numerous forms of digital assets simultaneously. The NAGA WALLET supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and sets new standards in terms of security, user-friendliness and, access to other asset classes.

NAGA is pleased to announce the arrival of the revolutionary NAGA WALLET! Our experiences over the last few months made us realise that the world of coins and tokens can be a confusing one that often overwhelms many first-time users. Our solution to this problem is the NAGA WALLET, which was developed to let you to safely and simply exchange your cryptocurrencies and digital money.
 The NAGA WALLET is a multi-currency payment gateway that lets you control numerous forms of digital payments simultaneously. In fact, NAGA WALLET is the first fully-automated, user-friendly wallet on the marketand we’re very proud to bring it to our loyal NAGA community.


When developing the NAGA WALLET, we set our focus on the following aspects:

SECURITY: When it comes to cryptos, security is what matters most. The NAGA WALLET ensures the highest possible level of security thanks to its decentralised data storage. This way, we keep your funds safe.

COMPATABILITY: NAGA WALLET users can deposit, hold & withdraw the top coins and more than 1200 tokens in one place. This way we eliminate the hassles of having to spread cryptocurrencies across different wallets due to compatibility issues.


CONVENIENCE: The wallet allows the seamless conversion of Coins and NGC into EUR or USD. As the NAGA Community is extremely international, we also set new standards when it comes to languages: The NAGA WALLET will be available in +20 different languages.


ICO-FRIENDLY: While we all love participating in interesting ICOs with amazing business ideas, the process of signing up and purchasing tokens is often complicated and time consuming. With the NAGA Wallet, investing in ICOs only takes one click.


THE NAGA ECOSYSTEM: As a NAGA TRADER user, this is probably one of the most exciting features. Being a part of the NAGA Ecosystem, your NAGA WALLET will seamlessly interact with NAGA TRADER and the NAGA CARD, offering a whole new level of investment opportunities across all asset classes.


REFERRAL PROGRAM: For every purchase of at least 50 NGCs by your referred friends, you will get a referral reward.


As you can see, the NAGA WALLET is a huge milestone on our journey to developing the wider NAGA Ecosystem. If you don’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity to become one of the first to sign up for the NAGA WALLET, click here to join our whitelist!


The future is yours. The future is NAGA.

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