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The NAGA COIN token sale at the end of 2017 was one of the year’s most successful sales, attracting over 60,000 supporters who showed their trust in the NGC project by investing over 50 million USD.

Since the sale, NAGA has been devoting a lot of time to building up the ecosystem in which the NAGA COIN will become the main unit of account. As these plans have progressed rapidly, and all ahead of schedule, a lot of people are wanting to know exactly where they can now purchase their own NAGA COINS. Here we’ll take a quick look at some of the places where this is possible.



At the Exchanges

NGC can currently be bought and traded on HitBTC, OKEx, and Cobinhood.

The NAGA COIN was first listed on HitBTC and it is here where the highest volume of NGC is traded.

OKEx is regularly featured in the Top 5 list of exchanges in terms of trading volume worldwide and it has a huge following in China that has helped bring the NAGA COIN to the attention of the huge Asian market.

Cobinhood was the last exchange to add NGC and this is a young, up and coming exchange that many traders have been moving over to thanks to its claim to be the world’s first exchange to feature zero percent trading fees.

The NAGA team is working hard on getting NGC added to more major exchanges in the coming months, but the real aim has always been on building the ecosystem in which the NAGA COIN was made to exist.

At NAGA we strongly believe that the real value of any cryptocurrency is in its use case and so this has been where the main point of our focus has been over the last few months. As mentioned earlier, these developments have been significant and thanks to them there will soon be two other ways in which NGC can be bought.



NAGA TRADER is the highly successful social trading platform from NAGA. This is already the place where billions of US dollars in trading volume is conducted every month on stocks, cryptos, and commodities. Now it will also be a place where traders can fund their trading accounts with fiat currencies and then convert that balance into NGC.



Perhaps the most exciting news in 2018 so far, a year which has been full of big announcements and milestones, has been the recent news that the NAGA WALLET is almost ready to go live. This revolutionary introduction to the crypto world will see the NAGA WALLET radically simplify the sending, depositing, and converting all of the major cryptocurrencies and tokens, including NAGA COIN. An extra special feature of the NAGA WALLET will be the option to directly buy NGC via cryptocurrency or fiat.

With the ability to now buy NGC within the NAGA Ecosystem via NAGA TRADER and NAGA WALLET, alongside the existing exchanges where the coin is already listed, it has never been easier to get involved with the NAGA COIN. The market may have taken a bit of a hit over the last few months but the goal of the NAGA COIN was always for it to become a true utility token that unifies all aspects of the wider NAGA Universe. As this scenario starts to become a reality, it’s time for the NAGA COIN to take centre stage.


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